Everthorn Guidelines

Here you will find all of the Guidelines. The most important sections to read are Discord Rules, Server Rules and Projects.

If you are ever confused, refer to here first, as this page has everything on it. You should also read through the Guidelines if this is your first time joining or if you haven’t played in a while.

These rules are as exhaustive as we can be. Remember that we are also human and can’t possibly write out / think of every case where something breaks the rules. If you deliberately try to loophole or try to be sneaky and go around these rules, we will not hesitate to punish. This server is a community, so treat it with respect, and so will you be treated with respect.

  • Follow Discord TOS
  • Take arguments into DMs. We do not want to have an aggressive
  • No NSFW. This includes:
    • Graphic descriptions / images
    • Images referencing nudity and the likes
    • Slurs
  • Alt accounts are not allowed. We’re happy enough with one of
    you 🙂


Note that it is up to the Community Manager’s discretion what falls under NSFW

  • Don’t grief, steal or hack/glitch the game in any way. We are a community built on trust. Losing that means losing your spot in our community. 
  • Some Farms are not allowed. To make the experience better for everyone, the following farms are not allowed:
    • Raid Farms
    • Boss Farms (Wither, Ender Dragon, Warden, etc.)
    • Nether Portal Farms
    • 0-tick farms
    • Flying Machines
    • Chunk Loaders
  • Redstone Farms should be reasonable in size. If they cause significant lag, you may be asked to take it down.
  • All farms built must be decorated. This means you can’t just build a cobblestone box, you must actually decorate it. Make it into a “factory” building, get creative!
  • No tall or floating farms. These types of farms can affect the view of other projects, and we do not want to deter people from building somewhere simply because there is a large pillar in the sky that they don’t like.
  • Farms should be turned off. If you’re not online, switch them off to prevent lag.
  • Pranks are allowed. They’re even encouraged! Have some fun, but make sure it’s not destructive and in the spirit of fun.

Projects are the way we work on Everthorn. They help keep the server organized, as well as allowing everyone to know what everyone else is up to!

You’re required to apply for a Project before starting to build. This section explains everything you need to know about them.

It’s Better Together

There’s tons of existing projects that need working on. Before you apply for your own, be a friend and help out some existing projects too!

Applying for a Project

You need 4 things to apply:

  1. The coordinates of where you want to build at
  2. The idea of what you want to build
  3. The time you think it will take you to finish
  4. The motivation to start and finish your project!


Once all of that is completed, go to the discord and run the /project apply command. A Community Manager will review your application and accept it, or suggest some changes.

Note that when applying for a project that is close to other projects, we have to ask around to see if they are okay with getting a new project close to them. Some people may have plans for that area, so we have to make sure!

Project Threads

When you get your project accepted, you will receive a Thread on discord. This is where you can post regular progress updates and discuss your plans with people. Who knows, maybe someone becomes interested and wants to help out?


The Roads System is a massive public project that spans the whole world. Anybody can work on roads, and it’s even encouraged!

Every project must be connected to the Roads System. This should be one of the very first things you do on your project. It doesn’t have to be anything special, even a simple road will do, but make sure that a road does exist.

Tip: Build a little Project Board on a road just outside your project, that way people can know where they are and who owns this place!

Large Projects

Large Projects include things like castles, cities, mountains, etc.

These projects will not be accepted immediately. We need to be sure that if you start a Large Project, you will 100% finish it. The best way to prove that to us is to already have one or two smaller projects finished.

Large Projects also require more people to be full-time helpers.

To keep server progression natural and allow for a more longer-term interest, we have some progression limits in place. Everything is enforced by command blocks in-game:

  • There is only one Nether Portal. This encourages people to explore the world and to expand and improve roads and other transportation systems.
  • There is a World Border. In all dimensions, you will start dying if you travel past the world border.
  • The End is closed. In a future event, we will unlock the End. Until then, participate in events to win shulker boxes!
  • Elytra cannot be enchanted with Mending. This encourages the use of roads and other transportation methods.

Our server has monthly events, ranging from large-scale boss fights to small tasks. There’s something different every month.

When participating in events, you will receive rewards. Either in-game items, or Nugs.

The Monthly Market

This is something new that will be revealed soon…


This is something new that will be revealed soon…

For those interested, here’s the technical side of the Server.


We have a variety of Addons on the server to make the experience better. All of them are from FoxyNoTail. They are:

In discord, you can type pls mini or pls armour to get help on what you can do with them, or click on the addon names.


NexusCore is the software developed specifically for Everthorn. It allows us to connect it to Thorny and perform a variety of actions. 

  • Community Managers can start and stop the server at any point through Thorny
  • Community Managers can kick any player through Thorny
  • Thorny can also run commands in-game such as /give
  • Thorny can send automated messages or announcements straight to the server


NexusCore also sends playtime data to Thorny, who then processes it to give statistics on playtime. You can see who is currently online, you can see a leaderboard of playtime, and you can even see how much you played today. These statistics also help us the Community Managers to help improve the server, such as making more events, etc.

NexusCore also allows us to have improved events. One simple command can remove an item from your inventory, and replace it with another, or remove an item and give you Nugs. That is how the pouch system works.


FriendConnect is an open-source software developed by Androecia. This allows console players to connect to servers via the friends list, whereas before, you would have to fiddle around with network settings.

Server Specs

Our server runs on a Google Cloud instance with 4 vCPUs and 16GB of RAM. The CPu architecture is based on Intel Skylake. The instance is also coded in a way that if it eer shuts down, it will automatically heal itself, allowing for nearly 99% uptime.

Last Updated: February 2024