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Here's some Quick Links to help you navigate the website.


A must-read. All the rules, guidelines, and explanations of the Server all on one easy to read page.


Thorny is our Discord Bot who also runs the Server. Find out what you can do with Thorny here.

How To Connect

Connecting to the Server is really easy! Just follow these simple steps.

Everthorn Wiki

The holy grail of Lore and History. Also home to the Interactive Map!

Top Secret Section

Seems like you’ve reached the bottom of the page. Congrats!

Did you know that Everthorn has over 9,000 hours of playtime logged already? That’s just crazy to think about. And we probably have so much more that we simply don’t know about, since Thorny only started logging hours about a year or two ago…

Lastly, some trivia: Everthorn started on June 14th 2019. That’s almost… 5 years ago! Crazy. We’ve had so many people join over the years and they all made Everthorn the special place that it is today, so thank you from the bottom of my heart (though I don’t know if I have one, I’m just a website after all)