Connecting to Everthorn

Connecting is super easy on both PC and Consoles! Just follow the super easy instructions and you’ll be on your way!

You need to be whitelisted first to be able to join the server. To do this, it is really simple!

  • Go to any channel on the discord and run the /profile command
  • Click Edit Profile, then Main Page and Gamertag
  • Enter your Gamertag WITHOUT the #, but leave the numbers if there are any.
  • Ask a Community Manager to then whitelist you!
  • Add the following account as a friend on Xbox Live: PlayEverthorn
  • The account will add you back immediately
  • Then, you can connect to the server via the Friends List on Minecraft!
  • Go to the Servers tab
  • Scroll down and press “Add Server”
  • Fill in the following details:
    • Name: Whatever you want, as long as you remember that this is Everthorn
    • IP:
    • Port: Leave it as it is